The Devon-based full service marketing agency, SW1, will work with the charity to improve their online presence.


SW1 are proud to announce a new sponsorship arrangement with Cowes Sailability. In exchange for digital marketing services, the SW1 brand will be emblazoned on one of the charity’s vessels, Dougal II.

Cowes Sailability is a charitable organisation, run by volunteers, that helps bring the joy of recreational sailing to people with disabilities on the Isle of Wight. They own four boats, an 18ft catamaran, two open sail boats and a patrol boat with access to more.

The group runs sailing events on Monday afternoons between April and October, inviting people from all walks of life to get involved and have fun on the water. All skill levels are welcomed, whether they want to improve their sailing or simply enjoy being out on the waves.

SW1 have created and will host a new website for the group,, which will allow them to raise their profile and attract more interest and funding. SW1 will also set up and manage a Facebook group and run digital newsletters so that Cowes Sailability can extend their reach and potentially help many more people with disabilities on the Isle of Wight.

‘It’s going to be a great partnership,’ explains David Hodson-Whittle, managing director of SW1. ‘We love the work that Cowes Sailability are doing and we want to use our skills to help them reach a larger audience. They truly deserve recognition for their efforts and with a new website and Facebook page they will attract much more attention.’

‘We are delighted that SW1 are working with us.’ Says Patrick de Peyer, Commodore. ‘This is the first time that we have had professional support in this area and we are deeply grateful to SW1 for their generosity.’

SW1 is a full service marketing agency, based in Devon and Cornwall, which offers everything from creative design to exhibition management and live video broadcast.