Invincible!  9-year old Isabella was emboldened by the opportunity to helm a motorboat.


My daughter Isabella has Down syndrome and gets easily overwhelmed in social situations.  The trips organised by Cowes Sailability Club are so good for her, because they help her to build her confidence and learn how to interact with new people in a supportive environment.

The trips also help to teach her important life skills like waiting her turn, listening to instructions and being aware of safety measures.

She loves being able to steer the boat, with assistance, and enjoys going fast so that the sea spray splashes onto the deck.  It gives her a sense of being in control, which she doesn’t always get in other aspects of her life.  On one recent trip, she splashed her grandmother when she was helming and giggled so much—it was lovely to see!

The volunteers from Cowes Sailability Club and the crew of the boat are very understanding and very patient with all the children who have disabilities.  Everyone has a great time!

Rochelle Wilson