Roger Sutton

New and longstanding volunteers at Cowes Sailability Club speak out about the benefits they gain from volunteering

To mark National Volunteers Week, which runs from 3rd to 9th June 2024, volunteers at Cowes Sailability Club have shared their thoughts about the rewards of volunteering.  The charity has over 40 volunteers who donate their time to helping adults and children with disabilities take part in accessible sailing and boating activities. 

Roger Sutton

Mike Bull:

“My wife and I are retired and thoroughly enjoy volunteering together with Cowes Sailability Club.  Unlike many other volunteers, we are not sailors, having not had the opportunity to sail before coming to the island, but sailing experience really isn’t essential.  Without a doubt, we get more back than we give.  Seeing the excitement and pleasure of people with all kinds of disabilities and all ages makes Cowes Sailability Club a joy to be involved in.”

Roger Sutton

Chrissie Smyth:

“I have met some wonderful people through volunteering with Cowes Sailability Club.  The atmosphere is one of fun and friendship.  I assist with boat trips for disabled people, although I am mainly a shore-based volunteer.  Someone has to organise the tea and cake!  Cowes Sailability Club is such a worthwhile charity to be involved with.  Come and join us and you won’t regret it!”

Roger Sutton

John Spalding:

“I volunteer at Cowes Sailability Club teaching people with disabilities to sail.  It is so rewarding being out on the water, helping them to learn more and more each week.  I like to encourage everyone to try helming and feel that I’ve really achieved something when I see people doing things that they didn’t know they could do.”

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Judy Wyatt:

“If you are thinking about joining Cowes Sailability Club, don’t hesitate.  You’ll get plenty of advice and training about how to support people with disabilities and will make wonderful friendships.  It’s a really satisfying feeling to be able to help people with disabilities whose lives are far more challenging than our own.”

For more information about volunteering at Cowes Sailability Club visit or email [email protected]