Boat trips are a great adventure for 7-year old Oliver, who has had 13 surgeries in his young life.


Life can be tough for Oliver who was born with several significant and life-altering anatomical malformations, resulting in a condition known as VACTERL association.  He has had 13 surgeries so far, and some day-to-day tasks are difficult for him—but this definitely doesn’t stop him from having fun.

He loves the trips organised by Cowes Sailability Club and looks forward to them every year.  He particularly enjoys taking a turn at steering the boat.  He also likes looking out for wildlife and birds during the trips.  Once we saw seals and he was fascinated.

Personally, I like the fact I can take Oliver, his sister and other family members on the Cowes Sailability Club trips, so we all have a great day out together.  The children love the experience so much and the volunteers from Cowes Sailability Club are so understanding and helpful that the adults can relax too.  The volunteers and crew make the trips safe and fun for everyone.

Rochelle Wilson