Boating trips facilitated by Cowes Sailability Club are the highlight of Zach’s year!


​When you have a child with disabilities – especially a child in a wheelchair – it is really hard to find exciting outdoor activities that they can enjoy.  Through Cowes Sailability Club, I have been able to take my son Zach for trips in a wheelchair-accessible motorboat, and he has loved it.  It’s the highlight of his year!

Most recently, Zach and I took part in a boating activity organised by Cowes Sailability Club in conjunction with the Isle of Wight Council’s Children’s Services team during Cowes Week.  It was a great day!  The boat trip gave Zach a very different experience from anything that he does daily.  He loved speeding through the water and it put the biggest smile on his face!  

The whole experience was so good for his mental health.  Although he is non-verbal, I can tell from his body language and behaviour how happy it makes him.  It was a very fulfilling experience for Zach, and it also gave me so much pleasure to see him enjoying himself. 

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors that make events like this possible. Everyone needs to know just how fantastic this is!

Beth Anderson says