Richard Griffiths says:

Before my accident, I led a very busy life, working as a vet, fishing and scuba diving with my children.  I particularly liked taking RIB rides around the Isle of Wight and bouncing along on top of the waves at speed.  When my life changed completely and I found myself confined to a wheelchair, I didn’t expect to be able to take part in boat trips again – but I can.

Through Cowes Sailability Club, I have had the wonderful opportunity to go on a number of trips in a wheelchair accessible motor boat. Most recently, I enjoyed a trip from East Cowes on a misty and blustery day during the Cowes Week Regatta 2019. It was fantastic!  The weather didn’t matter and I didn’t mind getting wet; I just thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being out on the water. 

Going on a boat trip with Cowes Sailability Club during Cowes Week gave me a real feeling of freedom.  I could forget about being in a wheelchair and just enjoy the wind in my face as we sped through the waves.  The experience brought back memories of fun times with my children, before my accident, and made me feel positive and happy.  

These days, I get a lot of joy from watching the faces of other people.  I suppose you could say that I ‘people watch’ a lot from my wheelchair.  During the trip with Cowes Sailability Club, I gained immense pleasure from observing the other people with disabilities who were on the boat, and seeing the joy that they experienced during the trip.  It was rewarding to see how much the boat trip meant to people who are far less fortunate than me.

Richard Griffiths