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After recovering from COVID-19 and enduring months of self-isolation, wheelchair user Amy Wheeler is delighted to be back out on the water with Cowes Sailability again.

Read what Amy’s carer Laura says:

When I first started working with Amy, I made it my mission to help her do as much as possible that everyone else can do. She had been on boat trips as a child, but not as an adult, so I was delighted to find out that she could become a member of Cowes Sailability Club and take part in regular boating activities in her wheelchair.

We went on several trips with Cowes Sailability Club in 2019, but then all activities were suspended in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The long lockdowns were difficult for Amy and she contracted COVID-19 along with other members of her family. It was a tough time.

We couldn’t wait to get back out on the water again when Cowes Sailability Club resumed its trips in 2021. The smile on Amy’s face when we came back to shore after our first boat trip of the year was amazing! It felt like a return to normality. What was lovely was that everyone at Cowes Sailability Club remembered her. It was like being part of one big, inclusive family.

Amy doesn’t have much use of her arms, but has started to try to hold onto the wheel to help helm the boat. She really engages with the experience now. The faster the boat goes, the happier Amy is. We usually get wet from the waves splashing over the side of the boat – but that’s part of the fun of boating!

Laura Worsfold

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Amy Wheeler (left) with carer Laura Worsfold (right)
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Amy Wheeler (left) experiencing helming, with help from Laura Worsfold (right)