A young adult with autism, Tristan has developed a love of all things boating!


Tristan helming one of Cowes Sailability Club’s Drascombe Longboats

My son Tristan loves being a member of Cowes Sailability Club, as it gives him the opportunity to go sailing regularly.

There is a definite mental health benefit.  Being on the water helps to keep him calmer and makes him feel so happy.  People with autism often find it hard to focus, and I can really see how sailing with Cowes Sailability Club helps Tristan to focus on what he is doing and concentrate to learn new things.  He has learned how to helm Cowes Sailability Club’s Drascombe Longboats and has picked up lots of new sailing knowledge.

The social aspect of Cowes Sailability Club is also very important to him, as it enables him to spend time with other people who share his passion for sailing and boating.  He had a lot of fun at the recent Christmas party.  The volunteers at Cowes Sailability Club are very supportive of him and kind.  They are always happy to see him and he enjoys himself so much.

Through being a member of Cowes Sailability Club, Tristan has had the opportunity to go on several day trips on a large catamaran called the Spirit of Scott Bader.  Being onboard has a calming effect on him, improves his ability to focus and encourages him to engage with new people.  He particularly likes it when the sea is rough!

Tristan is fascinated with boats, likes visiting marinas and reads sailing magazines.  Consequently, he really enjoys being able to talk with other members of Cowes Sailability Club and volunteers about boating.  It is very rewarding for him to be able to share his knowledge and interest with kind, caring people who understand him and love sailing and boating too.

Mum Joanna