Although Evan cannot communicate verbally, his facial expressions say just how much he enjoys boating trips organised by Cowes Sailability Club

We had a great family day out, organised by Cowes Sailability Club during Cowes Week.  My son Evan has a number of conditions, including cerebral palsy, and uses a wheelchair.  Consequently, there are a lot of things that we cannot access as a family.  The trip organised by Cowes Sailability Club was accessible for Evan, but was also something that we could all enjoy together.   My daughters had a lot of fun too, and we all got to see parts of the island that we had never seen before from the sea.

Although he is unable to communicate with words, Evan can tell us how he is feeling through facial expressions and body language – and we could see just how much he loved going out on the water.  He liked the rocking of the boat and the feel of the wind in his face.

During the trip, Evan was encouraged to have a go at holding the steering wheel of the motorboat with one hand.  For him to be able to do this for quite some time with cerebral palsy is not an easy task, so it shows that he was really enjoying it.

Cowes Sailability Club is really inclusive.  The volunteers are happy and friendly and engage with the whole family, including children with disabilities, so everyone feels involved.  They take all the worry away from parents and create activities that are stress-free and fun.  We had a really lovely day.

Michelle -Evan's Mum