Thanks to the hard work of an enthusiastic team of volunteers, the club’s boats have been freshly varnished and thoroughly scrubbed ready for the new sailing season.


Around fifteen volunteers have together contributed over 200 hours of their time to ensure that Cowes Sailability Club’s boats are in tip top condition for the start of the 2016 sailing season.  As well as washing, polishing and teak oiling the vessels, and anti-fouling hulls, the team also undertook minor repairs and performed vital safety checks.

The club’s two sailing boats, Iris and Windhover, have newly varnished masts and spars and freshly laundered sails, so will really shine in the sunlight.  Meanwhile, the club’s motor catamaran Dougal II has had its top-sides cleaned and polished and the hulls anti-fouled to help it glide easily through the Solent waters for another season.

This vitally important maintenance work was carried out with the generous support of Cowes Classic Museum, which made space available in its Belfast Maintenance Shed.

“All our boats are now spick and span,” says Chris Chadwick, who, along with Mick Young, co-ordinated the fitting out programme on behalf of Cowes Sailability Club.  “Thanks to the efforts of a great team of volunteers, we are now all ready to start offering regular sailing and boating opportunities for people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and long-term conditions.”