The wife of a stroke survivor has revealed how boating trips with Cowes Sailability Club have given her husband enormous pleasure and helped him recall fond memories from his years as a fisherman.

Cowes Sailability Club regularly creates boating and sailing opportunities for people who have progressive medical conditions or have been affected by a sudden illness, such as a stroke.  These trips provide a relaxed and supportive environment where people can enjoy activities that they might otherwise find difficult to access.

Nigel Haward and his wife Jenny have taken part in two boating trips facilitated by Cowes Sailability Club.  “Going out onto the Solent with Cowes Sailability Club was like going back in time for Nigel,” Jenny says.  “Before his stroke, he spent a lot of time on the water, and the sea played a huge role in his life.  He was a keen boat builder and worked as a fisherman for many years.  The trip with Cowes Sailability Club helped him recall fond memories, especially memories of taking our children on fishing trips.”

She adds: “Since having the stroke, Nigel has had poor balance, and he now suffers from aphasia, which makes it difficult for him to speak at times.  There are never any difficulties when going on a trip with Cowes Sailability Club though. When we are afloat, we see the coastline from the water and it makes us remember all the lovely times we have had at sea around the Isle of Wight.  The trips reconnect us with the activities that were such a big part of our lives.”

Paul Wilks, Commodore of Cowes Sailability Club, says: “It is always a pleasure to hear how much people have enjoyed boating and sailing trips with Cowes Sailability Club.  Across the Isle of Wight there are lots of people whose lives have been affected by challenging medical conditions, and we are pleased to be able to offer them the chance to enjoy a little fun on the water.”

Cowes Sailability Club will once again be offering free boating trips for Island residents with disabilities and their families during Cowes Week 2019.

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