A busy volunteer fair, organised by the Isle of Wight Volunteer Centre, provided the perfect platform for Cowes Sailability Club to launch a new appeal for additional volunteers.

Club Secretary Barry Myland talks with Amanda Coyle, Volunteer Centre Support Officer

At the annual Isle of Wight Volunteer Fair in January, Cowes Sailability Club met with dozens of island residents who are part of a rapidly growing community of volunteers across the island.  The event provided an ideal opportunity for the club to promote the work it does with disabled islanders and appeal for more volunteers to help it run its activities on and off the water.

Barry Myland, who attended the event on behalf of the club, says, “We rely on the good will, skills and time of a committed team of volunteers to enable us to offer recreational boating and sailing trips for people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities. If we can recruit more people to join our friendly group, we can expand the range of activities we offer and reach out to more disadvantaged people.”

Volunteers fulfil a wide range of roles at Cowes Sailability Club depending on their skills, experiences, interests and time.  Many people get directly involved in crewing the club’s vessels and supporting disabled people during trips on the water.  Other volunteers undertake equally vital tasks such as fund raising, organising events and maintaining the boats.

Cowes Sailability Club was one of 33 organisations at the Isle of Wight Volunteer Fair, which took place at Ventnor Botanical Gardens.  The event was organised by the Isle of Wight Volunteer Centre, which is part of Community Action Isle of Wight, an organisation that provides support to charities and community groups on the island.

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