Rotarians from as far away as the Balkans sailed over to Cowes in late September to learn about the work of Cowes Sailability Club and presented a cheque for £1,000.

Every year, Cowes Rotary Club invites fellow Rotary Club members from all over the UK and Europe to sail over to Cowes and enjoy a luncheon at the Royal Yacht Squadron.  It invited Cowes Sailability Club to deliver a speech at the 2018 ‘sail-over’ event to raise awareness of the sailing opportunities Cowes Sailability Club provides for disabled people on the Isle of Wight. 

Seventy-eight people attended the luncheon, including sea-faring Rotarians and their guests from the North German Fleet, Slovenian Fleet, the Aegean Fleet, South West Netherlands Fleet, Balkans Fleet, Clyde Fleet, East of Scotland Fleet and Sussex Fleet.  The event helped Cowes Rotary Club to raise funds for local good causes and a cheque for £1,000 was presented to Cowes Sailability Club.

The speech was delivered by Cowes Sailability Club’s Secretary, Barry Myland, who says: “I was delighted to be able to talk about the sailing and boating excursions that Cowes Sailability Club provides for disabled people and showcase our achievements to an audience of keen international sailors.”

He adds, “We are very grateful to Cowes Rotary Club for its very generous donation, which will help us to fund more boating trips for groups of people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and debilitating long-term medical conditions next year.”

Rotary is an international organisation with over a million members who work together to help improve communities, deliver aid and promote peace.  “The Cowes Club has a long-standing history of supporting local community groups and charities in Cowes,” says John Hamar, Secretary of Cowes Rotary Club.  “This is the second time that we have invited Cowes Sailability Club to speak at one of our sail-over events and, as most of our guests are keen sailors, everyone enjoyed the talk.  We were pleased to donate £1,000 to Cowes Sailability Club to help it continue its great work.”

If you would like to invite Cowes Sailability Club to speak at your next group meeting or event, contact us here.