Ten people with early-onset dementia (aged 50 to 65 years) enjoyed a cruise down the River Medina with Cowes Sailabilty Club.

On a sunny day in July, Cowes Sailability Club made it possible for a group of people with early-onset dementia to enjoy a cruise along the River Medina.  Many of the participants took the opportunity to have a go at helming for the first time, while everyone enjoyed being able to relax, laugh and have fun with people who shared and understood the challenges of their condition.

“Most people associate Alzheimer’s with old people, but some sufferers are only in their 40s or 50s,” explains Anna Roberts, Co-ordinator of the ACE7 Alzheimer Café on the Isle of Wight.  “Younger people who have been living active lives still want to carry on having new experiences.

“By organising this trip with Cowes Sailability Club, the ACE7 Alzheimer Café has given people the chance to try something new and have a great day out.   There was an incredible amount of laughter throughout the group, and the event gave everyone something exciting to talk about with their families and friends.”

In total, ten people with early-onset dementia went for cruises on board Cowes Sailability Club’s motor catamaran Dougal, along with two carers and four volunteers.  Following the trips down the river, the group enjoyed coffees and a quiz at the nearby Lifeboat Inn.

Summing up, Anna Roberts says: “The volunteers at Cowes Sailability Club were excellent.  They covered the safety aspects of the trip really well and made sure that everyone had a great day out.”

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