Wendy Todd says:

I have always been very fond of the seaside. It has been one of my goals for many years to sail on the ocean, but with my disability, I thought I never would. Cowes Sailability Club has made it possible and I am thrilled to bits!  I look forward to my sessions at Cowes Sailability Club, not just to sail but to be part of such a fantastic group of people.

Wendy Todd

Elbie Todd says:

My daughter Wendy is a little miracle.  After she was born two months premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the initial prognosis wasn’t good.  Doctors advised us that, with her under-developed memory function, poor muscle control on her right side and learning difficulties, she would probably never walk.  How wrong they were!

At the age of five, she started walking, and I have always tried to give her as many positive experiences in life as possible.  She is a good swimmer, using just her upper body to propel herself, and loves being at the seaside.  When we moved to the Isle of Wight in 2016 and discovered Cowes Sailability Club, I felt sure it was something that she would enjoy – and I was absolutely right.

Now, Wendy loves being at the club so much.  She has a lot of fun on the boats, but, more than that, she enjoys the company of other members.  All the volunteers treat her with the utmost respect, and over the course of this summer, her self-confidence has really grown.

Elbie Todd