Kate Thorne has two children who are on the autistic spectrum, and they both benefited in different ways from taking part in boating trips with Cowes Sailability Club.

Katie Thorne says:

My thirteen-year-old son Henry doesn’t like to leave his bedroom, and it can be really difficult to find social activities that he will engage with.  The opportunity to go on boat trip really captured his interest and encouraged him to try something new that involved interacting with people.  He thoroughly enjoyed going on the boat with his Dad and it was a special time for them both.

My younger son Freddie, who is five, finds it hard to express himself, but when he saw pictures of his brother on the boat he made it very clear that he wanted to have a turn on board!” she adds.  “He was anxious at first, but then during the trip he became more confident and showed us, through his actions, that he was enjoying getting splashed by sea water.  It was a complete sensory experience for him, which helped him grow in confidence and learn how to verbalise his feelings.

Katie Thorne

Freddie Thorne
Harry Thorne