Denise Denne says:

My son Samuel has Down’s syndrome with learning, cognitive, speech and language delay. He loves the water and I was able to arrange an amazing opportunity for him to go on a boat trip because Cowes Sailability Club has accessible boating facilities.

We went on Cowes Sailability Club’s catamaran named Dougal. While we were out at sea, an ice cream boat came alongside Dougal. The boat had a big ice cream cone on the top and played the traditional music and we both enjoyed a delicious ice cream.

We are still talking about the fun we had on our voyage with Cowes Sailability Club on the Solent and River Medina. The trip on Dougal made Samuel feel so happy and excited; the wonderful experience definitely “put a smile on his face”.

The trip has also given Samuel more confidence. He has learnt new skills to steer at the helm and he absolutely loved this. All the volunteers were very helpful, encouraging and supportive. We would both like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Cowes Sailability Club for taking us out on Dougal and giving Samuel the time of his life!

Denise Denne