Sarah Tuck says:

Myles first experienced a boat trip organised by Cowes Sailability Club six years ago.  The expression on his face the first time we went on a trip, on a Wetwheels boat, was one of pure joy, pleasure and excitement.  As a mum, to see Myles burst with happiness is just priceless.

Myles and I have been extremely lucky to have been able to share a boating experience through Cowes Sailability Club every year, and every year I watch Myles still burst with excitement and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Myles loves to meet new people and especially loves water splashing in his face.  He also likes to watch others drive the Wetwheels boat.  It gives Myles so much pleasure and happiness each time he goes.  We can’t thank Cowes Sailability Club enough for the chance to participate in boating activities and to have the opportunity to do what others only dream of.  We feel very honoured and blessed each time.

The Cowes Sailability Club volunteers and Wetwheels crew are always so accommodating and interact with everyone, making us feel very relaxed and able to enjoy the whole adventure.

Sarah Tuck