Julie Bell says:

Not only did my son David not stop smiling for the whole boating trip, he has not stopped smiling since!  The whole adventure is still very much at the forefront of his mind and he is constantly telling us in his own way, by signing, that he went on a boat, got wet, drove the boat and wore the captain’s hat.  He has shared his great time with everyone we have seen and has informed me of the many people I must phone to tell them about his trip.  His happiness is priceless, especially as he has been so desperately poorly and I have so nearly lost him a number of times.

I am very grateful to Cowes Sailability Club for creating this incredible opportunity for my husband and me to make memories with David.  I had a glimpse of the huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to enable people with disabilities and their families to enjoy trips on the water during Cowes Week.  The volunteers give the most precious commodity they have – their time – and made us feel very welcome.  I must say a huge thank you to everyone.

Julie Bell