A generous grant of £500, presented by WightAID, will be used to demonstrate that sailing can be an accessible – and thoroughly enjoyable – sport for people with all kinds of disabilities.


A newly formed grant-making foundation for the Isle of Wight, WightAID, has presented Cowes Sailability Club with a cheque for £500.  This significant grant will be used to help the club fund an open day in the summer, to raise awareness of the fact that people with all kinds of disabilities can have fun on the water.

The open day, which will take place in May 2017, will allow children and adults with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and debilitating long-term medical conditions to try boating or sailing for the very first time, for free, on a range of specially adapted boats.  The event will form part of the Royal Yachting Association’s ‘Push the Boat Out’ scheme, a national programme that aims to make sailing accessible to more people.

Cowes Sailability Club’s Commodore, Patrick de Peyer, says: “We feel honoured to have been chosen by WightAID as a recipient of one of its first grants.  The money awarded will enable us to offer free boating and sailing excursions for children and adults who face considerable challenges every day of their lives.  We hope to give them a thoroughly memorable day and show them that their disabilities are no obstacle to enjoying water-based activities.”

WightAID was launched on September 15th to help and encourage local businesses to play a greater role in supporting local charities.  Geoff Underwood, a spokesperson for the organisation, says, “Cowes Sailability Club is a very worthwhile and committed organisation and we are delighted to be able to support its ongoing work with island people who have significant disabilities.”

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