A £750 donation from The Leap Partnership has enabled Cowes Sailability Club to progress with plans to promote and deliver accessible boating trips for disabled people next year.
The Leap Partnership, a business consultancy that improves team working and develops management skills within some of the UK’s leading organisations, has donated £750 to Cowes Sailability Club.  The funds will be used to raise awareness of the sailing and boating opportunities that are available to disabled people living on the Isle of Wight and facilitate more excursions on the water.
“Part of the corporate mission of The Leap Partnership is to support and develop teams in the workplace,” says George Karseras, Managing Director of The Leap Partnership.  “There is no better team than a sailing crew, so our donation to Cowes Sailability Club, has a particular relevance.”
He adds: “I have always felt that the sea is a special place, whether you are near it, in it or on it, and have had many special times on the water myself.  I visited Cowes and was struck by the good work that Cowes Sailability Club does.  I am delighted to be able to make this donation to the club, to help create opportunities for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access the water so easily.”
Patrick de Peyer, Commodore of Cowes Sailability Club says: “Disabled people can often feel isolated by their physical conditions and worn down by the challenges they face every day.  Joining Cowes Sailability Club gives them not only friends, but also a sense of purpose.
“As George rightly says, sailing and boating is often a team activity.  Cowes Sailability Club helps its members to feel part of a team again and this can make a huge difference to their sense of self-worth, confidence and happiness.
“We are extremely grateful to the Leap Partnership for its generous financial gift and look forward to seeing many teams of disabled and able-bodied sailors working together and having a great time on the water when the 2017 sailing season commences.”

For information about the Leap Partnership, visit www.leappartnership.co.uk

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